Jul 18, 2012

Issue 4 - 24 Hour Zine Thing!

Issue number 4 of Purple Myrtle Squeegy is published.

I made this issue as part of the 24 Hour Zine Thing challenge. So the zine was made in 24 consecutive hours, from start to finish. For more details on this experience, visit my blog!

The topics are spontaneous, and the layout is unique and funky. I had an awesome time doing it and will probably do it again next year.

The issue is now up for trade as are all the other issues of the PMS Perzine. Here are some sample pics!

Apr 23, 2012

A to Zine - PMS Issue 3!

Issue 3 of Purple Myrtle Squeegy is now published and stapled and ready for delivery to whoever is interested. I would personally prefer trade, and I accept other zines, artwork, crafts or chocolate in exchange for one copy of this issue.

Issue 3 is an alphabet zine. It includes short personal articles on the following:
Art; Books; Chocolate; DIY; Ecstasy; Family; Guitar; Horror; Inner child; Judaism; King of Pop; Long hair; Music; Nirvana; Ovaries; Period; Queer as Folk; Riot Grrrl; Sex; Tattoos; Uterus; Vulva; Writing; X-chromosome; You; Zines. To understand why I picked these words and not others, which may or may not be obvious to some readers, you'll have to read it!

It also has a section of honorable mentions, which include runner up words which I considered for some letters but didn't quite make the cut.

Plus, it has a rather longass list of all the music I listened to while producing the zine.

This issue is a quarter-size zine (A6 - i.e. quarter of a standard A4), 64 pages including the cover, all typewritten or handwritten, cut & paste layout with some handmade art and some backgrounds made of random flyers and pamphlets picked up from alternative shops and feminist events.

Contact me at fallopian.falafel@gmail.com to find out more or to trade!

Apr 18, 2012

Purple Myrtle Squeegy - Issue #3

Haven't posted here in years! Damn...
Anyway, I totally missed making the PMS zine and now that I finally found some time in between work and reading Stephen King novels, I pulled off another issue! Yay!
This one is a quarter-page issue, 64 pages (!!). It's an alphabet issue so every letter is accounted for, and I had the best time producing it.
I still need to photocopy it and collate it and bind it, but it will be done within the next week or two and then it will be available for trade or sale.
The original copy is fat as hell because the 64 pages are doubled and tripled because of the background and the text stuck one on top of the other.
Here are a couple of pics.

Nov 29, 2010

Hold that Craft

I really gotta get a move on with issue three of PMS because I haven't written anything decent in ages, and I get inspiration at the most inopportune times, like when I'm at work. And by the time I get home, all the inspiration is drained and I'm back in lazy-mode, which then turns into reading-and-eating mode and then, eventually, sleep-mode.

This Hanukkah, I'll be working still, and on the weekend I'll be out of town, so still no opportunity to spend some quality time with Rose Madder who I miss like hell. But after that, I say fuck it and shoot for over-accomplishment:

- Complete my half-sleeve
- Start, complete and print Fallopian Falafel Issue 15
- Start, complete and photocopy PMS Issue 3
- Start, complete and photocopy End of Words Issue 2
- Produce, photocopy and stick all over the place a bunch of GrrrlVIRUS Flyers

That's my list.

And at that, I think this will be the theme of PMS issue 3 - Lists. I am branching out in all directions.

While I'm slacking off at work, I'm off to making a list of the lists I will include in issue 3.

Happy Hanukkah!!

Nov 4, 2010

Revolutionary Expenses

My new tattoo is itching so I gotta keep my hands busy with something else so I don't scratch it. On Sunday, I'm getting another part of it done. I think maybe the script on the side of the arm... and if there's time, a few of the items surrounding the Squeegy. Can't wait for it to be complete and completely healed!

Meanwhile, I am craving zine production. Thank Goddess, my roommates and I are planning another art night so maybe I'll have time to do it then. I'm so scared to reach the end of words, and the fact that I have no time to write is only serving to increase that fear. I would give anything to have 48 hours off work to drown in prose - the first 24 hours I will use for a 24-hour zine project, and the other 24 hours I will use to cook a decent meal, stuff my face, take a shower and catch up on sleep and recuperate from the 24 hours that I didn't do anything but work on a zine, before heading off to work the next day.

Of course, my weekend is only 24 hours long so I can't possibly use that for zine production because when I'll be back to work on Sunday, I'll simply collapse.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to take any more hours off work, 1) Because I got totally fucked on my paycheck because I wasn't paid a full salary during the High Holidays and 2) Because I took off a whole week when I went to Barcelona. The latter is not so "unfortunately" because it was a kickass trip and totally worth the money I didn't make at work. But right now, I need all the cash I can get, mainly because my tattoo is costing a pretty penny, plus I need new Converse, and I need the Adobe CS5 for Fallopian Falafel, as well as printing more copies of zines, GrrrlVirus flyers, stickers, mailing expenses, and other related things. PLUS! I totally want to go to Berlin around Fall 2011 for the International GrrrlVIRUS get-together! It would be so cool if all the "fembassadors" from the various countries came to that event. And I would get to see in person all the kickass grrrls I am dying to meet, and plan the fucking revolution.

Fuck me, being a riot grrrl can sometimes be a one-way ticket to bankruptcy. But you know what? I don't give a steaming pile of horseshit.

This is so important for my emotional survival and for women world-wide and for the girls that will come from my ovaries, and for the little girl within that lives and breathes the punk rock spirit.

Revolution Begins.