Mar 18, 2015

Alternative Jerusalem Series

I know it took me some time, seeing as I was getting married and all, but I have promised and I am keeping it, so here it is!

This is a series of postcards I call "Alternative Jerusalem." And every postcard has a sub-category of its own.

This is "Beautiful Jerusalem" showing six pictures shot around the city: the charming side streets of the Nachlaot neighborhood, a breathtaking view of the city from the Baka boardwalk, an art fair at the Sultan's Pool, a fruit market in Gilo, and the entrance to an old synagogue also in Nachlaot.

This is "Feminist Jerusalem" showing five pictures of graffiti around downtown Jerusalem. The grafitti reads "Castration - We Can Do It!", "vulva", "a rapist government, a women's uprising", "Taking the law into our hands" and "4 angry dykes".

This is called "Queer Jerusalem" showing a picture of a graffiti in downtown Jerusalem. This graffiti condemns the opposition of the religious community to the World Pride March in Jerusalem in 2006 by sarcastically stating "Thou shall not march," and proudly announcing that "Jerusalem belongs to everyone" with the lion symbol of Jerusalem modified into two lions mating.

These postcards are 15 cm x 10 cm each, printed in color on regular postcard paper. A description of the pictures appears on the back.

All three are now available for sale on my Etsy shop.

Watch out for more of them to come!

Feb 22, 2015

PMS is Pretty in Blood

The new issue of Purple Myrtle Squeegy is now printed and available for sale on my Etsy shop.
The new issue of Purple Myrtle Squeegy is now printed and available for sale on my Etsy shop.

This issue is a split Zine with Nyxia Grey's first issue of Boo'ya Moon. This split zine is a special publication about Stephen King and the mutual love that Nyxia and I share for this master of horror.

My part of the zine includes stories about why I love Stephen King, the kind of feelings I get when I read his books, why I love having nightmares caused by Stephen King, a poem about horror, collages, tattoo plans based on the Dark Tower series, and more. 

Nyxia's part includes pieces on how she identifies with some of Stephen King's characters, what Stephen King has taught her, her experiences with religion and how that compares with Carrie's experiences with her ultra religious mother, many collages and more. 

Both of us explore Stephen King's feminist side with stories like Carrie, Rose Madder, Lisey's Story, etc.

This issue is a glorious 72 pages of sheer horror and blood. It's a 1/2 size zine, all cut and paste, typewritten and handwritten. The cover is in full color, the inside pages are in black and white.

See Nyxia's zines on her Etsy shop here.

Now for your viewing pleasure, here are some samples from the new zine!

Feb 17, 2015

Zines and Zombies

Presenting the unveiling of my cover of the split zine which is set to be released, Goddess-willing, before the end of this week.

Issue n. 9 of Purple Myrtle Squeegy, and Nyxia Grey's issue of Boo'ya Moon is a special about Stephen King, the most amazing horror novelist the world has ever known.

It will soon be available for purchase or trade on my Etsy shop, as well as Nyxia's Etsy shop. It will also be available during the NY Feminist Zine Fest on March 7, Chicago Zine Fest on May 8-9, and Portland Zine Fest on July 18-19.

So mark your calendars, save up your cash or your zines for trade, and get this terrifyingly awesome issue soon!

Feb 5, 2015

PMS Mess

I decided to give you a page from the new split-zine that will be released hopefully within a couple of weeks or so. It may not have anything to do with the actual topic of the zine which I am still not revealing (muhahaha!), but it's still a sneak-peek.

So how do you like it?

Feb 3, 2015

Are You Scared Yet?

Goddess, I am SO BORED!

I can't wait to get home and continue working on the new issue of my zine... Oh, I didn't tell you? Yes! I am writing a new issue of PMS. It will be a split zine with my Salem penpal Nyxia who suggested we should do it, and I thought it was such a great idea. I was so happy that when I stopped looking for a zinester to make another split-zine with, a zinester found me.

I will not say what this split-zine is about just yet, but I will say this: There will be a lot of slimy, spooky, creepy, dark and undead things in this issue.

So Constant Readers beware! PMS issue 9 is coming your way.

With pink skull zombie kisses!