Apr 30, 2010

The Spawn

Purple is my favorite color.
Myrtle is my name.
Squeegy is what I am.
Purple Myrtle Squeegy Perzine was conceived as a way for me to write whatever makes sense to me and may not make sense to anybody else.
It's all about me.
Things I do.
Things I love.
Things that make me smile.
Things I think about constantly.
Fallopian Falafel is for women. PMS is for me.
Though I greatly enjoy and do find comfort in writing Fallopian Falafel and reading people's submissions, I wanted to create something purely personal. Mine, mine, mine. Very selfishly mine.
The PMS Perzine will be made by hand, and cause many paper cuts and sticky fingers. This blog will serve as a tracking of the zine and may contain some scans from the paper copy, but not full versions of it as does the FF blog.
I will print no more than two copies of every issue. More copies will be printed according to demand. If there is none, there will be none. Which means that if you are interested in things that were created selfishly, and brutally honestly, you may order. Otherwise, direct yourself to a more generally appealing site:
All my love,

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