May 31, 2010

The Cunts

While Daily H Publications represent my professional side, powered by my Adobe expertise, and Pink Skulls Media (yes, another fictional company) represents my DIY amateurish side, powered by my scissors, glue and Rose Madder, I decided to use them both to create this hypothetical tentative CD design for my friend's band called The Cunts. But since I failed to get photos of the band itself, I decided to use photos of my friend and I as the only two members. Again, this is a hypothetical design, so yeah... things may change :-) The front of the CD, including a logo of the band I drew by hand, then transferred to the comp and colored in Photoshop. Then printed it, stuck it on black construction paper along with a handwritten title of the CD (I figured Reclamation would be appropriate as a first release for a band called The Cunts), and photocopied it along with the rest of the CD sleeve/booklet. See below. This is the back of the CD. It's an inlay card I created in Photoshop and InDesign. The photo has my leg on the left and my friend's leg on the right, looking pretty hardcore. I modified the color of the water to pink with traces of hand-drawn stars I took from the band logo, and I modified the color of the Jerusalemite stone to a funky shade of turquoise with some feminist graffiti I took from another photo I had. I used Guttural font for "The Cunts" and Courier New for the track list. On the bottom I added a logo of Pink Skulls Media and Daily H Publications and wrote: "A DIY production of Daily H Publications in collaboration with Pink Skulls Media, copyright 2010 All rights reserved." This photo shows the side of the side of the inlay card including the name of the band and the CD. This shows the other side of the inlay card with the same things. Below are photos showing the inside of the booklet. All lyrics are written by my friend Nelly, referred to as Dolly, except for the last song (or rather poem as it doesn't have music yet), The Reclamation, which I wrote a while back and thought it would be appropriate for the CD. The booklet was laid out the DIY way, and photocopied.
This is the back of the booklet. The photo shows my friend and I. Again, this photo was modified in Photoshop and InDesign. There is no CD as of yet, but hopefully this tentative CD design will serve as an incentive for some Riot Grrrl action on behalf of The Cunts.

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