Jul 4, 2010

Issue 2 Brainsquirming

I'm currently working two jobs but still push myself to keep zinestering because it's virtually become necessary for my emotional survival. And after completing the DIY issue of Fallopian Falafel, I've decided to devote most of my free time (barely 3 hours a day) to the PMS zine because I've fallen hopelessly in love with the style.
And so! I finally began working on Issue 2. As promised, I will include the 6-C's recipe.
I will also try different designs and layouts, try to include more drawings and I am even considering making a couple of short comics of sorts.
Keep in mind that the PMS perzine is not an "ideology"-oriented zine. There may be some words of wisdom as I am usually inclined to such writing, intended or otherwise. But it's mostly supposed to be odd, surreal, obscure, twisted and childish (like Children of the Corn style), and purely for my own enjoyment. Again, very selfish, very self-involved, totally up my own ass... and a recipe for you to cut and keep :-)
PMS production continues...

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