Nov 29, 2010

Hold that Craft

I really gotta get a move on with issue three of PMS because I haven't written anything decent in ages, and I get inspiration at the most inopportune times, like when I'm at work. And by the time I get home, all the inspiration is drained and I'm back in lazy-mode, which then turns into reading-and-eating mode and then, eventually, sleep-mode.

This Hanukkah, I'll be working still, and on the weekend I'll be out of town, so still no opportunity to spend some quality time with Rose Madder who I miss like hell. But after that, I say fuck it and shoot for over-accomplishment:

- Complete my half-sleeve
- Start, complete and print Fallopian Falafel Issue 15
- Start, complete and photocopy PMS Issue 3
- Start, complete and photocopy End of Words Issue 2
- Produce, photocopy and stick all over the place a bunch of GrrrlVIRUS Flyers

That's my list.

And at that, I think this will be the theme of PMS issue 3 - Lists. I am branching out in all directions.

While I'm slacking off at work, I'm off to making a list of the lists I will include in issue 3.

Happy Hanukkah!!

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