Nov 4, 2010

Revolutionary Expenses

My new tattoo is itching so I gotta keep my hands busy with something else so I don't scratch it. On Sunday, I'm getting another part of it done. I think maybe the script on the side of the arm... and if there's time, a few of the items surrounding the Squeegy. Can't wait for it to be complete and completely healed!

Meanwhile, I am craving zine production. Thank Goddess, my roommates and I are planning another art night so maybe I'll have time to do it then. I'm so scared to reach the end of words, and the fact that I have no time to write is only serving to increase that fear. I would give anything to have 48 hours off work to drown in prose - the first 24 hours I will use for a 24-hour zine project, and the other 24 hours I will use to cook a decent meal, stuff my face, take a shower and catch up on sleep and recuperate from the 24 hours that I didn't do anything but work on a zine, before heading off to work the next day.

Of course, my weekend is only 24 hours long so I can't possibly use that for zine production because when I'll be back to work on Sunday, I'll simply collapse.

Unfortunately, I can't afford to take any more hours off work, 1) Because I got totally fucked on my paycheck because I wasn't paid a full salary during the High Holidays and 2) Because I took off a whole week when I went to Barcelona. The latter is not so "unfortunately" because it was a kickass trip and totally worth the money I didn't make at work. But right now, I need all the cash I can get, mainly because my tattoo is costing a pretty penny, plus I need new Converse, and I need the Adobe CS5 for Fallopian Falafel, as well as printing more copies of zines, GrrrlVirus flyers, stickers, mailing expenses, and other related things. PLUS! I totally want to go to Berlin around Fall 2011 for the International GrrrlVIRUS get-together! It would be so cool if all the "fembassadors" from the various countries came to that event. And I would get to see in person all the kickass grrrls I am dying to meet, and plan the fucking revolution.

Fuck me, being a riot grrrl can sometimes be a one-way ticket to bankruptcy. But you know what? I don't give a steaming pile of horseshit.

This is so important for my emotional survival and for women world-wide and for the girls that will come from my ovaries, and for the little girl within that lives and breathes the punk rock spirit.

Revolution Begins.

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