Apr 23, 2012

A to Zine - PMS Issue 3!

Issue 3 of Purple Myrtle Squeegy is now published and stapled and ready for delivery to whoever is interested. I would personally prefer trade, and I accept other zines, artwork, crafts or chocolate in exchange for one copy of this issue.

Issue 3 is an alphabet zine. It includes short personal articles on the following:
Art; Books; Chocolate; DIY; Ecstasy; Family; Guitar; Horror; Inner child; Judaism; King of Pop; Long hair; Music; Nirvana; Ovaries; Period; Queer as Folk; Riot Grrrl; Sex; Tattoos; Uterus; Vulva; Writing; X-chromosome; You; Zines. To understand why I picked these words and not others, which may or may not be obvious to some readers, you'll have to read it!

It also has a section of honorable mentions, which include runner up words which I considered for some letters but didn't quite make the cut.

Plus, it has a rather longass list of all the music I listened to while producing the zine.

This issue is a quarter-size zine (A6 - i.e. quarter of a standard A4), 64 pages including the cover, all typewritten or handwritten, cut & paste layout with some handmade art and some backgrounds made of random flyers and pamphlets picked up from alternative shops and feminist events.

Contact me at fallopian.falafel@gmail.com to find out more or to trade!

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