Sep 21, 2014

Jerusalemite Badass - A New Postcard Project

Last Thursday, there was the Pride march in Jerusalem. Now, most of the time, I go there to support the community and the struggle for equal rights and freedom and all the good stuff, and I rarely bring a camera. But this day was different and here's why.

A day before the march, I saw a bunch of rainbow flags flapping around on polls in downtown Jerusalem and was so inspired by it that I decided to bring a camera to the march after all. And not just my digital camera, but also my 35mm, semi-automatic, film camera!

I love my film camera. It's yet another one of my retro obsessions. This is a camera I bought back in 2000 when I just started learning photography. Back in the day, it was considered top of the line, cutting edge, hot high-tech shit, and I bought it for 500 CAD. After my electric guitar and my amp, this was the most expensive thing I purchased in Canada, and it was one of my most prized possessions.

Back then, I also had an eye for photography. Everywhere I turned, I saw potential for a beautiful photo.

So anyway, this past Thursday, I took it with me to the march. The march would start at 6:00 p.m. I spent that morning strolling down Agrippas pedestrian mall in central Jerusalem where Retroshalayim, the weekly vintage and retro street sale, was already in full swing. That's when I got a brilliant idea.

This is how I view the Israeli Capital. It has vintage street sales, second hand shops and bohemian style cafes, it has Slutwalks and Pride marches, it has enormous arts and crafts fairs, it has free street performances by indie artists, it has metal nights, it has dog parks, bicycle parks and skateboard ramps, it has more summer festivals than any city I've ever been to, and it has more cultural events than anything the 6 o'clock news would ever be willing to broadcast... which is why you never hear about it.

So I decided to start a new project - a postcard project - to show people the side of Jerusalem that I know, the reasons why I fell in love with it and why I live here.

The Jerusalem postcards you find in souvenir shops always show the usual sites like Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall, Arab merchants and camels, Old City walls, the David Citadel and other such monuments. And that's all well and good. The Old City really is the most beautiful and magical part of Jerusalem. But it has other things to offer as well. Out there on the fringes, it has the little spots that you can only stumble upon if you're lucky enough. And this is what I want to show people. This will be my postcard project.

I need to give it a name, something along the lines of "unconventional Jerusalem" or something...

I'm super excited about this so I hope that I can catch some good shots with my film camera. And if not, there is always the digital. If the picture is good enough, it could definitely work.

Pink Skull Kisses!

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