About the Zine

The Spawn

I started writing Purple Myrtle Squeegy - A PMS Perzine in April 2010. Back then, my main zine was called Fallopian Falafel. The latter was a composition zine and many women contributed to it. The layout was all done by computer - using InDesign, Photoshop, Word, and a bunch of other digital shit.

I loved Fallopian Falafel to little pieces. But then, around April of 2010, I was working on a special issue of Fallopian Falafel on DIY, and decided to design and lay it out all by hand, using scissors, glue, construction paper and a manual typewriter.

This experience inspired me to create a zine that would be solely made by hand, using little or no computer at all. Thus, PMS was born.

The Name

The name of the zine was explained on the very first post of this blog:
- Purple is my favorite color.
- Myrtle is my name (Hadass in Hebrew)
- Squeegy is what I am (not to be confused with Squeegee)

The Issues

The first couple of issues were absolutely random - including rants that may or may not be understood by anyone. But later issues, were more straightforward, and now read just like a diary.

Resuming the Cycle

I stopped producing Fallopian Falafel in 2011 as I felt ready to move on to new and exciting things. PMS Perzine is now the only zine I produce.

I have a total blast writing it (even if the typewriter I use causes blisters on my fingers) and laying it out (despite the black sticky fingers and paper cuts I get from using old school material). And I hope you have as much fun reading it!

With pink skull kisses,


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